Greenway Textiles

Open-End , Dref, Mop Yarn, Wiping Cloth, Travel Mat, & Textile Waste Manufacturing Specialist.

With over 30 years experience in Eco-Friendly Recycling Textile. Greenway wiping cloths can be use in Mining Industry, Aviation, Automotive, etc. Greenway Textiles is also deal with cotton waste such as cotton waste for mushrooms cultivation, cotton dropping, cotton flatstrip, cotton cleaned fiber, cotton comber noil and all kind of polyester waste such as recycled polyester fiber, roving, block, etc.
In addition, as a subsidiary of PT. Panjimas Textile we also manufacture, market, and distribute Open-End Yarn, Mop yarn, Dref Yarn, and Household Products.

Open-End Yarn

Sewn Wiping Cloth

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Cotton Waste

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Polyester Waste



1001 Travel Mat is our latest product in the home textile area. With large size 175x250cm and comfortable material, 1001 Travel Mat can be use for many purposes such as home decoration, travelling equipment, bed & sofa cover, blanket, and many more.
1001 Travel Mat is Eco-Friendly, Affordable, Luxurious, and Long Lasting.